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Buffee Ann - Owner/Executive Event Manager

I believe in soul mates. I believe in that moment when you just know you met the person in your forever. I believe in a lifelong commitment to love and hold dear one person above all others even when times aren't easy. I am certain in these things because I've been blessed to experience them in my own life. Love is a powerful emotion and it can lead to amazing adventures.


I remember every single ceremony and the unique electricity in the air when a couple sees their beloved walking towards them. Each of those moments are burned into my heart forever and I'm always grateful I was chosen to share in that eternal moment. I am passionate about helping you create a unique event to tell your own perfect love story. Your relationship is unlike any other, so why would your wedding which is an expression of that story, be any different? The memories of your wedding day can be enhanced by choosing the best "wedding village" for you. We would be honored to help in your search.

Event Managers

Nikki W. has been with MMWE since the beginning and has always loved weddings, from planning her own wedding, to helping countless friends and family with their big day.  She was also worked behind the scenes at several wedding venues. She loves reading, thrifting, photography, and crafting.  She also loves taking care of her family, including her husband of nineteen years, four children, and one dog.


Katie C. is the newest member of the team. She is just discovering how much she enjoys events, especially weddings. She is a passionate, kind soul who is very intuitive and thoughtful.




Katie M. is the brain behind our floral design services. She can create the bouquet of your dreams! In her free time, she likes to travel and sample tasty cocktails. Katie is a boss who loves to create unique designs.

Dani is the jack of all trades.  She has an eye for design and fashion.  Dani has many talents and interests; mostly in the creative area and enjoys reading. Her keen sense of style will ensure your day is picture perfect.



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Lee's Summit, MO

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