A new location, a new business.

August 1, 2014

This is the story of how Magical Moments Weddings & Events was born.

The first event I remember having an opinion on was my brother's wedding at the ripe age of 8. I wanted to have a say in each part of it. Which really is pretty amusing when a little child is claiming that the dress isn't the right fabric, or the flowers don't have enough texture or the linens aren't the correct shade of green. Even at a young age, I was drivento provide the right atmosphere; something unique in and of itself that I hadn't seen before. After planning multiple weddings, corporate events, pageants and private parties I finally decided I knew where my passion led. I dreamed of becoming a Weddings & Event Planner. However, in order to lend credibility to my talent, I needed a solid foot in training and a wealth of information. In 2009 I enrolled in a course and completed the International Event & Wedding Professional certification. I was armed with knowledge I never had before. That year I began my first official, tax paying company named Exclusive Events. Not long after, my world changed.  It was time to move. Fate was very kind as I was hired to work for an amazing company planning their special events. After doing so for three years (and planning/designing another wedding), I felt it was time to have my own business again. Though I felt fulfilled by planning events, my heart was aching to plan more weddings.  In August of 2013, Magical Moments Weddings & Events just CAME to me.  Out of the blue, suddenly I knew what my packages and services would be.  It was a true moment of inspired creativity. Since then, MMWE has been taking slow steps in the industry, becoming familiar with all the other professionals in Kansas City. After all, even with years of experience, when you enter a new town it is the same as starting over.  I've had the fortune to meet some amazing people and I am hopeful 2014 will be a great year from which to build an even better 2015.  Next stop:  Wedding Design.

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