What does your style say about you?

September 1, 2014

Wedding Design is intended to show the unique personality and dynamic of each couple.  What words would you choose to describe your life together?  We pride ourselves and developing a personal, one of a kind event just for each client.  After about two meetings, usually a theme or style will emerge and we will all know exactly which direction the wedding will take.  Which one best describes you?







Romantic, deep colored roses for this bride whose theme was a Fairytale Wedding with hints of Beauty and the Beast.










This reception was held in a courtyard with ivy covered walls and lights throughout the trees and greenery.











A barn, hay bales and rustic worn windows framed this lovely wedding.  This pane includes some memorable moments for the Bride & Groom.






Here we created all the design and decor elements you see.  The bride wanted a rustic theme, but with a feminite edge.  She thought it was perfect and we happily agreed!












These bold and fun colors announce they ARE fun!  What better way to make an event cheerful than with many colors!  Make your guests feel like they are carefree again.