Trends & Our Honest Opinion

August 29, 2017

We are starting a new series every week; "Trend Tuesdays". We will discuss an upcoming trend and our thoughts on it. Today we will focus on wedding gowns because let's face it - the whole theme revolves around THE DRESS

Romance never goes out of style! This appears to be true with the latest wedding gown styles for 2018. Here are a few highlights from designers.


1. 3-Dimensional Floral

 Design: This design is part of the Spring 2018 Liz Martinez Collection. The floral covers part of her bodice, illusion sleeves and throughout the ballgown skirt and train.

Thoughts: Well, let's give this a 7/10. While we certainly agree 3-D floral is a HUGE upgrade from flat appliques, we reserve the right to be snobs about it. True, it is certainly romantic and a positive enrichment on the old tradition, it needs to be done right. Here are a few more "approved" by Elle Magazine.

 These florals are all unique and vary in shape and size. They provide movement and interest on fairly simple gowns, especially if you aren't a fan of bling! One more gorgeous design by the timeless Oscar de la Renta.

2. Flutter Sleeves

 Design: Sleeves that just cover the shoulders and can be composed of material, but is generally constructed of a lightweight fabric.

Our thoughts: Let's give this a 5/10. We're on the fence here. It could go either way, and it all depends on the cut of the dress. If the sleeves provide balance, then yes. If they scream "look at me, I'm flutter sleeves", then no. We don't think sleeves are exciting at all, so why feature them? Some other interesting designs here:

 These are all perfection. Top rank goes to our favorite on the left here. They frame the Bride/Model's face. Now, these sleeves we give and 8; just because we're stingy. 


3. Oversized Bows

Design: A large, usually stiff bow made of heavy weight fabric.

Our Thoughts: 10/10! Call us sentimental, but this detail is feminine and classic. Now, let's be clear, the "butt bow" of the '80s will always be a faux pas. THIS is NOT that. As long as the bow doesn't sit on your derriere, we LOVE it!


Thanks for joining us for our first post in this series! Let us know if there's a subject you would like discussed.


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