Trend Tuesday: Groom's (sexy) Attire

September 5, 2017

There's little more sexy than a well-dressed man. Put him in gorgeous occasion threads and BAM, delicious! Let's be honest, the poor Groom OFTEN doesn't get the time and attention he deserves when it comes to his attire. So, let's all remember that he's the co-star of the show! Give your man some funds to make him feel as handsome in his attire as you feel in your gown.

Trend: Gray Suits; weights vary by season

Our Thoughts: 10/10! Gray is ALWAYS gorgeous! Timeless and stylish. This is a Dolce & Gabbana suit and should be tailored. This three-piece suit would be perfect for a fall or winter wedding.

Trend: "Dandy" or Formal attire as popular in Great Britian.

Our Thoughts: 10/10!!! Yes, there's three exclamation points there. I am a huge sucker for the formal elite! I salivate over this look and would love to see more of it. Careful though, this is reserved for evenings only. Note the Cravat tied so elegantly. Drool. Sadly, I was unable to find the designer, so if you know PLEASE tell me!

Trend: Color. Now, some may say this isn't a new thing, however it is in this case. Usually the Groom and his Men match the Bridesmaids. Well, now the Groom wears a complimentary color instead. 

Our Thoughts: 7/10. Go for it! We just would like to make it known that the fellas may need a little assistance with this. They aren't usually the best when it comes to colors/matching/coordinating, but we would love to see more of this.  

Trend: Fun touches. This can mean unusual socks, boutonnieres, and/or cufflinks.

Our Thoughts: 9/10. Now, this COULD get out of hand but why not have a little fun? True, you want to make sure the focus is on the couple, but we also like unique! Give it your own flair and style. We've seen comic book bouts, superhero socks and custom belt buckles. Make it your own!

 Final thoughts: The key to the most picturesque look is a fitted suit. No matter how casual or formal, make sure it fits well. The shoulders, waist and length are key. Also, ladies, let him choose. If he wants to purchase his own tailored suit, do it. You want him to feel amazing. If he would rather just play dress up for the day, make sure the sizes are accurate and have him try it on at the rental store before leaving.


Next Week's Subject: Themes! Ooooh. I LOVE themes. Thanks for tuning in!