Trend Tuesday: THEMES!

September 12, 2017

Ok, so we LOVE design. We LOVE themes! We LOVE a unique experience for your event. Here are a few theme trends that have been able to help design and a few up and coming ideas. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to customize so it tells YOUR story.

Theme: Vintage. It can mean so many things. Vintage can be the Roaring Twenties, Nifty Fifties on up to the 90s. There can be glam and there can be casual. 

Our Thoughts: 10/10. This theme is so incredibly versatile and fun! Maybe I love it so much because I'm what people (mainly my husband) call an "old soul". I adore vintage and the charm it emits is fascinating to me. Who doesn't like warm fuzzies? That's what this specific theme gives, in my opinion. The bottle pic above showcases a wedding we were able to plan in Lawrence. Their theme was amazing and they hunted these bottles down. It was incredible! As long as you really commit and make it your own, we LOVE this!!! Do it!

Trend: A huge trend in general right now is "Boho"; that's short for Bohemian. This term is often used to refer to an artist mentality where poverty is accepted in preference to art. Most people ties this idea to the 60s or those who live a somewhat unconventional life.

Our Thoughts: 6/10. In my opinion, if you choose this theme, I would hope it reflects your life. The problem is lack of authenticity here for me. It's a theme, yes, but your theme should tie to your life. It can certainly be made into a very fun event if done correctly. My word of caution is simply to make sure it reflects you.

Theme: Greenery. This theme is gaining momentum. The focus of this theme tends to be the decor and "florals" being mostly green and the event itself is usually focusing on renewable resources.

Our Thoughts: 8/10. We really applaud when a design is simple and elegant all at once. That tends to be a thread for these themed events. However, call us old school, but we do love some florals! Some of the details part of a Greenery theme include seeds or succulents given as gifts. Seeded eucalyptus smell amazing or evergreens in the fall/winter. This is definitely a DO in our book.


 Theme: Color. This theme doesn't have a set color palette but use many colors that are vibrant and enchanting. This choice for a theme usually means the couple is extroverted and comfortable with who they are as a couple and individuals. This is reflected in florals, attire and printed materials.

Our Thoughts: 10/10. I may sound like a broken record, but I LOVE bold themes! I love when a couple tells me they want vivid, ALIVE experiences for their guests to remember. There is no way I would be able to forget an event with gorgeous and wild arrangements (especially if they include lovely birch) especially knowing that is parallel to the lives of the newlyweds.


If you see a theme running through our thoughts on themes (ha!), it is to make sure your event theme and design represents your story. The only story you should be telling is your unique, beautiful story. That is what makes an unforgettable event and a fabulous starting point for your new life together. No idea what to do? Ask us. We'll help you tell your story.


Next week: Florals.