Trend Tuesday: Florals!

September 19, 2017

There's pretty much only TWO ways to go on this. Minimal or all-out-over-the-top-goodness! Can you tell my personal feelings on flowers??? I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. Really. This element has the ability to evoke memories for people and who has ever had a BAD memory related to flowers? Anyone? Bueller? So, what's on trend for both options? Here we go!

 Trend: Simple Greens. These tend to be either simple succulents or few greens with other decor being central.

Our Thoughts: 8/10. This can be done beautifully and it is also very environmentally conscious. As long as the ceremony, reception and personal flowers don't look like an afterthought, we are two thumbs up for this choice.


Trend: Simple florals. These tend to be one color of bloom, sometimes various stems but generally a single bloom.

Our Thoughts: 7/10. If you're going to use a single bloom, maybe just cut the florals all together. It can be done well, but it looks best if they are larger blooms rather than small.


Now onto the flip side.


Trend: Vintage, muted tone florals from ceiling to floor.

Our Thoughts: 6/10. While this example is absolutely stunning (and I love wisteria), I'm just not a fan of the monotone palettes. This is an example of "clean" design. I think it's boring. Elegant but boring.

Trend: Over the top Bright Displays. These tend to be all sorts of colors and various stems highlighted by greenery.

Our Thoughts: 10/10. We love bright flowers, especially when they contrast a backdrop such as the ocean. You can pretty much smell all the heavenly scents from these flowers JUST by looking at them!


Up Next week: Beauty. Yes, that includes the fellas.


Have a great week everyone! See you next Tuesday!