What you need to know about Bridal Expos

September 25, 2017


Have you ever been to a bridal show/expo/convention? Would you like to go? On October 1, The Perfect Wedding Guide is sponsoring one of the largest shows in Kansas City. Here are three simple tips if you're planning to attend (this weekend or EVER):


1. Avery labels are your BFF. Every single wedding professional will likely be having a giveaway or separate contest at their booth. So, YAY, lots of chances to win goodies! Think about it; if there are 200 vendors, that means you're filling out the same exact information over and over and over and over. Did I make my point? We suggest you print yourself a few sheets on an address sized label. Include your name, fiancé's name, your email and wedding date. Trust me, you'll be so happy you did!


2. Go in with a plan! I know, a planner telling you to plan is original. haha! But, seriously, what are you looking to accomplish in your time there? Choose three services industries you need to book. If you're at the beginning stages, we suggest focusing on finding a wedding manager (MEEEE!), Venue and Caterer. Or, just a manager and we can help with the rest and you can go eat all the cake samples. I mean, really, the cake is one of my favorite parts anyway. If you completed that stage, find your photographer, videographer and florist or DJ. The best photographers book over a year out. If you go in with a plan, you're less likely to become overwhelmed. It may still happen, but being organized always helps you stay grounded (unless you're obsessed with cake...then you may be too excitable to stay that way long). 

 3. Be prepared to book some consultations. That's right. Why would you ever do that??? Well, quite a few pros will offer a huge incentive for you to book a consultation; it will ONLY benefit you in the end. Seriously though...do your research beforehand. (see point above) Make sure to TALK to those who interest you already. Putting together the RIGHT wedding team/tribe is essential to enjoying the process of being engaged. Booking a consultation at the show itself has potential to save your hundreds in the end! Why wouldn't you want that extra two hours of photography or excursion on your honeymoon? You get the point in why this is a good idea. Do it. Well, only do it if you're not going to cancel.


BONUS TIP: Wear comfortable shoes. Take no more than 2 with you. Eat all the cake. And food!


We hope you've found this helpful. If you're coming to show, visit us at Booth 112! We're right by the door so you can't miss us! Happy Planning!