Trend Tuesdays: Hair & Makeup

September 26, 2017

Tell me this isn't important to you and I'll give you the eye roll. Bologna! You know you want to feel gorgeous or handsome; like the most attractive person and couple in the room. Guess what? You will be even if you didn't spend hundreds on hair and makeup. Of course, the most important part of being "prepared" for the big day esthetically is to make sure you've been taking the right steps throughout your engagement. That includes getting haircuts, color (as needed) and making sure your skin is healthy. Now, if all of those are in place, you're sure to shine come W-Day. Here are a few trends we see for the upcoming year.

Trend: Stylish Updo. This is usually a form of twist or bun. Can be accessorized in any way you choose.

Our Thoughts: 10/10. This look is always elegant, timeless and formal. Now, if you're having a daytime, casual wedding you may consider a different style but we have always loved a stylish updo. This is a classic choice for any bride. 

Additional Thoughts: If the Groom has longer hair, I actually am going to BEG he not create a "man bun". Please. Find something else that works.

Trend: Pompadour. Can be long or short. The photo is a "short" pompadour. This style has some height on top of the head with the sides flat or slicked backwards.

Our Thoughts: 10/10. We love this classic This is also a classic male look. The caveat is please don't go all "Johnny Bravo unless that's your usual style.

See here:----->

No. NOT pretty.





Trend: Braids. Braids have recently made a huge comeback. There's so many styles and ways to create a braid.

Our Thoughts: 8/10. This look is still classic but not quite as timeless as the updo. Of course, it could be an element to an updo as well. Accessorize with flowers (also making a comeback in weddings) or a comb or even some pins. If it suits your style and personality, do it!






Trend: Neutral Eye, Neutral Lip, Strong Brow and Bold Lashes.

Our Thoughts: 10/10. Again, we love classic and timeless choices for weddings. The "neutral" palette can include a wide array of shades; for some purples and grays may work but others may need pinks and browns. The key here is balance. Tip: Lining the lower waterline with white or light color will make your eyes appear larger.



Your wedding day look should be you, just a bit more polished and finished than every day average. Now is not the time to try a diversely different look or trend. Your friends and family want to see YOU. Ladies, get your hair colored a week prior and avoid any huge style changes 6-8 weeks beforehand. Fellas, DO NOT get your hair cut on your wedding day. PLEASE?! The week before is great! If you're concerned about your neckline or sideburns, just have those trimmed the day before or morning of your wedding. We know you're just trying to make sure you look your best, but the last thing your fiancé wants to see is a new cut when they first see you.


The moral of the post is the usual: be true to yourself and own it!


Next Week: Cake and desserts. Yuuuum. I'm salivating already!