Trends & Our Thoughts: Cake

October 3, 2017

Who doesn't love cake? Almost everyone (except maybe those with gluten sensitivity or you die-hard brownie lovers)! The cake is an opportunity to continue telling your story. PLUS it's delicious!

Trend: Metallic cakes. These can be any metallic though it seems gold is by far the most popular choice.

Our Thoughts: 8/10. This can absolutely stun and be central to your reception. However, in my opinion, less is more. And entirely metallic cake can feel a little pretentious or over-done. If you choose this type of design, we advise you choose metallic as a layer accent or gold leaf design.

Trend: Naked/Semi-naked Cakes. This trend consists of little or zero buttercream frosting on the exterior of the cake.

Our Thoughts: 2/10. I really don't like this trend. I mean, cake itself isn't meant to be pretty, it's purpose is to be tasty. So why would you highlight it? Also, the cake comes out dry. Who wants dry cake??? NOBODY. This is a new trend that I would prefer be skipped and end forever. If you don't like frosting, fine. Don't have a cake! There's plenty of other options!

Trend: Donuts replacing the cake. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Our Thoughts: 9/10. I mean, again, who doesn't love donuts? Bake 'em or fry 'em and so many options...filled, cake, frosted, buttermilk or plain. True this doesn't rate high on the "wow" factor, but it is absolutely delectable. Just make sure they don't get set out early...because again, dry dessert is nobody's favorite.

Trend: Dessert Bar. This is fairly​ new, but gaining in popularity. You can choose any number of different bite-sized desserts and display for your guests to enjoy.

Our Thoughts: 10/10! Now the non-cake people have something to eat for dessert! Not only that, but you can still do the traditional cake cutting while providing choices. People love choices. Bonus: NO CAKE CUTTING FEE!!!

Trend: Hand-painted cakes. This requires actual painting done by the cake artist.

Our Thoughts: 9/10. We adore this trend. This truly makes your cake a piece of art! That and it can TRULY represent you. This makes the cake a canvas to be designed and enjoyed. This is probably the most personalized you can get when it comes to your cake. Gorgeous!



Our final thoughts on this are to make sure you choose your favorite way to delight your guests. It doesn't have to be cake, though that is still traditional. Another fun idea is a candy bar. I know I sound like a broken record here, but serve what you enjoy. It's your wedding! Let it represent you!


Next week we are changing things up! Next week we will start highlighting some of our favorite wedding pros and the posts will transition to "Wedding Expert Wednesdays". Let us know if you need advice on additional trends. We love to help brainstorm!


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