Wedding Expert Wednesday: Meet Mikayla

October 11, 2017

Mikayla Sesler is one of our favorite floral designers. She's creative, witty & a caring person. She allowed us to interview her to give you an insight into how she works & provides value for her clients.


Buffee: Who are you and when did you start in this career?

Mikayla: Mikayla Sesler, CFD & I started washing buckets in a flower shop when I was 17. Now I'm an accredited designer.


B: What is your field of expertise?

M: Floral design specifically in weddings.


B: What made you want to start in this field?

M: The lady who owned the flower shop where I started was phenomenal! She took me under her wing and taught me a lot. I never knew what I wanted to “be” until I found flowers. It just fit and I never looked back.


B: What makes you continue in this industry?

M: The advancements and trends change every year. It’s amazing what people can create with objects. Suddenly a “cement vase” is on trend when nobody would have look at it a year ago. People want deer antlers now and it isn’t just flowers anymore. We make flowers better and are able to be creative with elements that are meaningful to people. Florists are there for all of the poignant moments; you relate flowers to celebratory moments and it’s special.



B: What is your favorite design and/or flowers?

M: Oh goodness. I’m really big into pastel color palettes. It’s hard to choose one. I really like seasonal, so using the in-season flowers are alot of fun.


B: What is your advice to future bride & grooms?

M: Be realistic! Do not rely on Pinterest. Give us a workable budget to create what’s beautiful. Most bouquets on Pinterest are specifically designed for a photo style shoot rather than an actual event. That bouquet you love could weigh 15 pounds and cost $500.


B: What do you do in your free time?

M: Take care of my family. I try to separate work from family time and prioritize them as often as possible. I do love my job, but family is always first.


B: Who are some of your favorite people to work with?

M: I like low-maintenance brides. These clients want the classics (roses, hydrangea, etc) but when you start talking you can find out what they really want and it’s exactly what they never knew they always wanted. They leave with an entirely different floral look than when they came in, but now they're completely invested and excited about the design.


B: Anything else you have to share?

M: I’m a certified floral designer. This isn’t a common title and required a ton of work to complete. I’m very proud of it since it’s attached to my name.


Thank you, Mikayla, for being our very FIRST Wedding Expert spotlight post! If you would like to contact her for a consultation, email her at:


Next week, you'll meet one of our favorite venue owners!