From Me to We - Ready for the next step

October 13, 2019

Some people need to be shown, clearly and many times, that they are making the right decision. If you're reading this, chances are are you are already thinking about marriage. Maybe you already KNOW the next step is around the corner. But this is for those of you who think you know, but you just need some stranger confirming what you already know in your heart; it's time to be a "We".


It's time to be a We if:


1. You cannot picture yourself in 10 years without them. Or 20. You want a family together. You want to make them smile and laugh every day.

2. You consider how they fit into your life. They get along with your family and friends. They have inside jokes with your parents and text your friends. They make your favorite meal or know how you like your coffee.

3. Those most important to you keep hinting that it's time. Again, you may be a cautious person but this person is someone who challenges that because you want to JUMP in. It's ok to jump. They'll jump with you. Well...maybe you're more of a slide to the next step person...either way, they will match you.


If you're still not sure, read our post about Soulmates. Maybe that will help. No matter what, if you are ready for that next step, trust your instinct and your heart. You can also read our post about how to start planning your proposal.