5 Things Wedding Planners DON'T Do

May 5, 2019

There are thousands of articles out there on what Wedding Planners (aka Coordinators, Managers) provide. However, I could not find a single article on what we do NOT do. Here are just a few insights into our world.


1. We do not double check any signed contract.  We quadruple, quintuple and octople check these documents! The easiest way to prevent any wedding day issues is to make sure the signed contract is thorough and correct. It is much easier to address a misunderstanding well in advance than on the fly.



2. We do not force you to use a select few vendors from our lists.  We do, however, provide a list of our veteran wedding professionals. These are people we know and trust. We have complete confidence that you will be happy with their work because we have seen them work and they are fabulous! These are selected professionals who get the job done beautifully and have style and grace throughout the process. These are people we would hire ourselves when the stakes are high. They have already earned our trust and respect and we are CERTAIN they will earn yours too.





















3. We do not forget about you once you have signed our contract. I like to think of us as that graceful goose; elegant and confident to anyone near us, yet under the water we are working like crazy! There is a large amount of work required to set up a new client. You are important.  You are unique. We want to ensure you have the best possible experience and make the process as painless as possible. That requires commmunication by both parties and many an email or call. Just be patient; sometimes we are in the middle of another event and we cannot get to you right away.  Keep it in mind that when your wedding day comes, you want us to be completely present and not thinking about the next bride.











4. We do not think any less of you when you change your mind or make conflicting requests. We are professionals. Your wedding isn't our first rodeo so we know what to expect. We understand that a Pinterest idea will catch your eye and you want to duplicate it! The process should be fun! While it's true that you can't make last minute changes or get out of a signed contract unscathed BUT many aspects can be modified down the road. Our job is to make sure we understand what you want and make it happen.












5. We do not work slowly, especially on the Big Day. The average wedding day means at least 12 hours of work for us. Multiply that by amount of staff and that number jumps. If you can't reach us immediately, chances are we are dealing with a situation that needs our complete attention at the moment. The timline we've created for your Wedding your personal appointments and our preparation work. The best planners can make you feel completely at ease even when there is a ton of bustle before the ceremony start time. A planner is worth their weight in gold since we often handle issues that pop up and the client never even knows. That's our job!  One of my favorite questions to ask following an event is, " did you notice any issues?" I've never had a client who said there was any major (or minor) hiccups.  Why? Because it was dealt with in a manner that never interrupted the day.












BONUS: We do not steal grooms. I am not J Lo and a happily married lady.  So, don't you worry about that...in case you were concerned.