3 Major Forgotten Wedding Details

August 14, 2018

You've browsed Pinterest until your eyes were sore. You've envisioned the magical moment your fiance sees you for the first time. You've planned the playlist to keep your guests dancing all night! But...what are some huge details you may have neglected? Through the years, we've planned many a wedding & noticed the same few overlooked items that can majorly affect your wedding day. Don't forget these three details.

Ceremony Processional. Have you thought about who will cue your DJ/Band when it's time to start your ceremony? Have you considered how your bridal party will know when it's their time to walk? Do you want to bark at them every 15ish seconds to "Go!", or would you rather enjoy the last minutes with your thoughts before taking that life altering walk?


Reception Tables/Decor.
Sure, your florist is delivering your flowers but what about the candles, linens & menu cards? Last time I checked, candles don't light themselves. As a bride, your day will fly by as it is so unless you're determined to handle the decor setup, you will need someone(s) to take care of the decor.


After the Party.

Hands down the BIGGEST overlooked "detail"! Who's taking your gifts and decor? Who's in charge of cleanup and returning a

ny rentals? Do you need to sweep, take care of leftovers or remove all your florals? Trust us when we say you don't want Mom stuck scrambling to take care of this at midnight!


That's where we come in. We offer you more of what you want; time! There's only so much available so are you using yours effectively? We can manage anything you prefer to not do, while empowering you to control and/or make decisions on everything you want. We get married all the time...let us help you.

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